Dr. Dessie Andrews Addresses the Republic of Texas May 2019


America and the several states which have been formed since the inception of the Republic, and her People, have pretended to believe the myth that we can vote and make a difference.

The truth is, we were meant to choose our Representatives and each Representative could represent no more than 30,000 people.

This would have constituted a Republic, i.e. a Republic being a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.

We, the People are no longer represented by anyone, much less career politicians.

Our freedoms are gone, our liberties encumbered, and we have no chance of voting our way out of this mess and getting back to the Republic.

Unless….yes, I said unless, we take matters into our own hands. 

Not by opting for one major corporation or the other, (That would be the Republican or Democratic party),

Not by compromising our unalienable rights and living in fear.

We must vote our way out.

You read that right.


We, the People, have never drawn up and issued a Plebiscite to the governments we have instituted among men.

We have not used our power.

We can’t wait any longer or there truly will be nothing left to save.

We are in exactly the same positions as our ancestors.

We are suffering from taxation without representation.

Those of us who attempt to exercise our natural rights have to endure traffic stops, arrests and bogus charges against us.

This must end.

I would like every American who is suffering because the rules and regulations promulgated by representatives and legislators to restrict our rights are eating out our substance.

And, to top this mess off, a lot of us believe these guys who have usurped our power are about to go to major war again.

We’ll never heal, recover and have a future when we are kept in perpetual war.

That makes money for the bankers and politicians and takes from us, our children and grandchildren.

Join us, the Lovers of Liberty, the Believers in the Declaration of Independence, the Protectors of peace.

Add your name to this Plebiscite and issue a direct vote from the American People that will put an end to war, allow you to keep your own wealth and let us live in peace and prosperity.

Please send this message to everyone you know.

We need massive numbers in order to do this.          

And don’t forget to give whatever donation you can afford.

It will be expensive to send this proclamation far and wide and convince the professional politicians that their era has ended.

Join in, cast your vote and God Bless America!